A Parallel(es) life

A film by Xanaé Bove
1 h 45 min
Production : Xanaé Bove
Langue : Français
Image : Couleur
Son : Stéréo
Format : Fichier numérique, DCP
Négatif : Iskra
Versions disponibles : VFR, VENG

Dive into the French underground through its bookstores and by extension, what circulates in them.

Since 1972, the Parallèles bookstore has seen several generations of researchers. It is rooted in May 68 and has sown good seeds, still fertile today. It is the red thread of a fresco of the French counter-culture, from the “prehistory” at the end of the 1950s with the first committed bookshops to the young booksellers, heirs of this libertarian state of mind. A tribute to places of insiders, frequented by emblematic characters, whose singularity is embodied through its free press, its editions, its fanzines and cassettes. Or how to lead a parallel life and relay a thought and an aesthetic other than the mainstream?