The almond trees of history

A film by Jaco Bidermann
Format : Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, Vimeo, Fichier numérique, Bluray

Twenty years after the landing of the Harkis at Largentière, the French Navy pays tribute to them... An opportunity to remember and, above all, to give voice to the children of Harkis who stigmatize their social problems around an identity that they find it difficult to recognize.

The film “Les Amandiers de l’Histoire”, a 65-minute documentary, is the work of two directors, Jaco Bidermann and Valentin Lagard, who went to meet families of Harkis living in France. It was shot in 2003 in Largentière, in the Ardèche.

Forty years after the repatriation of a Harkie community to a village in the lower Ardèche, the survivors decided to celebrate its anniversary. Military and Harkis prepare the party, immerse themselves in their memories.

Children and grandchildren, victims of a story they have not experienced, return to their fathers’ commitment and react to the event.