Far from Beyrouth

26 min
Production : Jules César Muracciole
Langue : Français
Image : Couleur
Son : Mono
Format : Digital Betacam
Versions disponibles : VFR

During the libanese war, the Beirout painter Samir Khaddaje’s studio became inaccessible, burried in ruins. After 16 long years, at the end of the conflict, Samir Kaddaje decides to leave. FAR FROM BEIROUT is a token of respect towards this man, who in anger continues his work, far from home, clearly obsessed by memories of destructive visions.-From stills of the disaster, real images and invented ones, FAR FROM BEIROUT is a film with no word on the creative act, in appearance derisive; however vital to fight oblivion of a war already relegated by other conflicts as television archives.-