Gaza on air

1 h 30 min
Langue : Arabe
Son : Stéréo
Versions disponibles : VFR, VENG, VARAB

Samir Abdallah reached Gaza on January 2009, just after the ceasefire announced after last winter’s war.

A Palestinian friend, Atef Eissa, who leads an independent information Agency, «Media Group» gave him some twenty hours of footage filmed under fire during the Israeli attack by several Palestinian cameramen. These scenes, fil- med for television stations all over the world, were given to him by those who filmed them so that we could make a movie. Several are unbearable. They haunt his friends’ nightmares, as well as his own. We watched these footage with them and asked them to reveal their thoughts on the scenes they produced concerning this conflict and, digging deep into their souls, to describe to us their state of mind after having lived this incredibly violent war.