The History Book

A film by Li Hastrup, Jan Vistrup
2 h
Production : L. HASTRUP - J. VlSTRUP
Langue : Français
Image : Couleur
Son : Mono
Format : 16 mm
Versions disponibles : VFR

Those six films on world history target children starting secondary education. They describe the slow evolution of the current economy. Although quite serious, the subject is dealt with through animated cartoons, drawings and original documents. 1. Feodalism and the emergence of merchants. 2. The great world explorations: beyond adventure, greed and slaughter. 3. Centralised state and monarchy. 4. Slavery as a source of cheap labour: triangular trade. 5. The triumph of capitalism and the rural exodus to the industrial and urban areas. 6. Overproduction, class awareness, imperialism.